Digital Enterprise System for Israel air conditioning provider to manage internal operations and Field Service for 2000+ Employees

As a distribution company of air conditioners with crews traveling throughout the Israel area, the company was looking for a way to manage a workflow and improve each step of daily work for crews. Most importantly, they needed a product that can be accessible from the workplace to the crew at any time with quick sign-in.

Our client is a leading company that imports, produces, markets, distributes, and sells air conditioners and air conditioning systems to the domestic, commercial, and industrial markets. They also specialize in energy efficiency solutions and maintenance of their products. The company required a digital transformation to streamline its operations, increase efficiency and productivity, and enhance its customer experience. low-code/no-code application development platform was used to create a comprehensive solution for managing the company’s entire digital operations related to products management, customer management, knowledge base management, and 2000+ crew management system.

  • Client

    One of the largest companies in Israel, mainly engages in the import, production, marketing, distribution and sale of air conditioners and air conditioning systems to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets and maintenance of these products. In addition, the group is engaged in solutions in the area of energy Efficiency
  • Development time

    5 months
  • Features

    – Product catalog (Categories, Series)
    – Syncing with SAP, Woocommerce, Internal ERP
    – Air conditioner Error Code, Maintance, Parts management
    – Warranty & Payments flows
    – Social module, News & Notifications
    – Benefit points system, Internal Shop
    – User management, Advanced granular permissions
    – File manager, System modules

Authorization Module

Complete solution for securing your system. With a user-friendly Login Screen, you can easily control access to your system.

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The UBOS platform was the perfect solution for this challenge. We utilized our low-code/no-code development approach to create a custom digital Enterprise system that met the specific needs of our client. Our platform allowed us to quickly and easily develop and integrate various modules, such as ERP, CRM, and Field service management, into a single, cohesive system.

The new digital Enterprise system is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. It provides real-time data insights and analytics to help the company make informed business decisions. The system also streamlines the company’s communication channels and enhances collaboration between different departments, resulting in a more efficient and productive workplace.

Product Catalog System: SAP and WooCommerce Integration

A product Catalog Management System is the ultimate solution for managing your product catalog. Advanced Product Creation Flow allows you to create new products quickly and easily, with customizable options for product attributes, pricing, and more.

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Air Conditioner Error Codes and Installer Guides Management

Error Code and Installer Guide Management System is the ultimate solution for air conditioner companies. The system allows you to easily manage and access error codes and installer guides, making it easy for your team to troubleshoot issues and provide effective solutions to your customers.

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Field service management

The ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their field service operations. The system allows you to easily manage payment history, ensuring that your team is paid accurately and on time. Additionally, our system provides detailed information about fieldwork, allowing you to track work orders, customer information, and job completion status.

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