Workflow Automation Studio

Game Changer for AI Integrations and Operations Automation:

  • AI Model Chaining & Integration

  • Cron Jobs & Custom API

  • Automation & ETL


Unlock the Power of Your Data with Our Advanced Integration Solution

Connect to any data source, integrate with any legacy or external systems, and execute your business processes with ease.

  • Comprehensive Library of 225,000 modules

  • Based on Open Source project from IBM Node-red

  • 300+ pre-built Integrations

Connect and manage AI models without writing code

Immersed in the frontier of digital transformation, the capacity to develop, implement, and manage AI models without the need for extensive coding

See how to create AI-powered Voice Assistant in Telegram

Apply AI to Facilitate Smarter Business Achievements

Build, Expand, and Implement AI Insights Without the Need for Code

  • Utilize our robust connectors for popular datastores like Snowflake, Salesforce, BigQuery, SAP, Oracle, and a REST API connector to seamlessly interact with first- and third-party data

  • Effortlessly link data or implement logic in widget properties using JS toggles

  • Simply fetch data with API Manager like Postman

UBOS Workflow Builder: Harnessing the Open-Source Strength of Node-RED created by IBM

Navigate the realm of workflow automation with ease using’s Workflow Builder, built on the solid foundation of IBM’s open-source Node-RED platform. At UBOS, we go beyond just providing tools; we simplify the management and deployment process, ensuring you can tap into the power of Node-RED in the most effortless way possible.

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